The Four Elements

 Before we get started, you’re more than welcome to view the sheet-music to follow along with. Grab it HERE! Alright, let’s go… I’ll start with the “Water” movement/section. I wanted to find a way to represent flowing water, so I assigned the violas eighth notes, having them only play two notes per chord. This was my attempt at having water go back and forth. On top of them, I put the two violins playing a basic melody, to having a more calming effect (it is in a minor key to start with though, so I don’t know if that qualifies as relaxing). At measure 9, that’s where a distress call from “Air” comes in, asking for help to escape “Fire”, as it was rapidly consuming him (fire needs oxygen [air] to burn). So, I still have that same melody play, along with the “flowing water” played by the violas, and give the cellos and piano a more urgent rhythm to signify a plan of action. At measure 17, that’s when Water starts to move, hence the different theme, but I still have the v

Never to Forget

VIEW SHEET-MUSIC I had never been camping, due to financial situations with the family (which I really appreciate now actually [even though I thought it sucked as a kid], it helps keep me a lot more humble toward outlook on life). But, my parents would always do their best to do “fun things” for my brothers and myself. So, when one day after Sunday school (at our local church), Mrs. Miller (the person who this is dedicated after) pulled me aside saying that she had some big news for me. She ended up telling me that she was going to pay for me to go to a Christian camp up north in Wisconsin, but only on the terms that I memorize a sheet filled with different, short passages from the bible. Granted, she was very lenient on what I did memorize. I was able to memorize and recite most of the passages, and she seemed satisfied at the fact that I applied myself. So I was able to go. So, I ended up going to Camp Fairwood, and that turned out to be some of the best times of my life so f

Escape to Reality

Inspired from a dream that I had. Not quite sure if it was a nightmare, but it left me distraught for a few days. The timeline of the dream took place back toward middle-school. It was just an interaction between me and a friend (at the time). He was extremely nice, and was just overall a gentle soul. Unfortunately, in reality, he was killed in a car accident when he was in his early 20’s. So, I hold on to the fond memories of when we were kids. But in this dream, his personality was twisted. He was an absolute bully. Outright mean and a bit hurtful. Things he had never physically done or said were performed in the correct voice and general interaction patterns of the real friend. I did not like it, and wanted to wake up. I’d rather be back in my reality where he was dead but have the happy memories we had together intact. And I was able to wake up. Not with a startle though. It was more of a slow transition back to consciousness. I was just laying there, happy that that p